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Aamir Aziz(non-registered)
great set of images Andy great work thanks for sharing ..
Della Lack(non-registered)
Great Chough images Andy, and what info you managed to get . Really enjoyed reading it.
Julie Herbert(non-registered)
Such a beautiful and amazing collection ! Very enyoyable
James Falconer(non-registered)
Great photos Andy! Looking forward to some osprey shots in the near future.
Della Lack(non-registered)
Andy, your photo's from your recent trip to Shetland are superb , we know it takes a lot of effort, time and patience to get these. Enjoyed looking at them all , some excellent images.
Love the Best Birds Portfolio
Beautiful work, in scope and in quality. As an aside, to give fellow birders some hope of imitating you (the highest form of flattery, they say), a section on your PP workflow would be an asset.

Happy birding.
Very nice work!
Just came across your Albums. I Just love your birds in flight shots
Christine Burns(non-registered)
I have browsed your photos and mine are very tame in comparison...I never knew my cousin was so interested in photography and very talented too! Keep the photos coming - you are now bookmarked accordingly!1 :) Chris.
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